I, the undersigned Managing Director of the Verification Unit, carrying out my duties and responsibilities as established in the Quality Control Manual, declare on behalf of the Unit of Verification to have no conflict of interest with the clients and suppliers that request and provide services. For this reason, I declare under oath to do the following:



Commit to impartial work, verifying internal and external interests and ensuring that there are no conflicts of interest in the verification activities.

Safeguard the confidentiality of the information to which I have access in the undertaking of verification activities.

Commit to the development and implementation of the management system, seeking to attain effective, consistent compliance with this Mexican Regulation.

Monitor the verification activities of the personnel in the Verification Unit.

Monitor the Orientation of our clients, ensuring its adequacy.

Monitor the service of our suppliers, ensuring its adequacy.

Monitor the verification activities carried out by the technical staff in the Verification Unit, as well as the expert opinions expressed as a result of the verification work.

Protect the information, complying with the document control procedures established in the quality control manual.

Behave in an impartial, non-discriminatory manual when handling appeals and complaint procedures.